fayetteville, arkansas + est. 2018


out June 11th, 2024

Standing beside the emerging songwriting voices of the Pacific Northwest and of the New Orleans americana scene, Mr. Sam has carved his own corner of the genre. His writing focuses on the joys and virtues of living and loving, but not without recognizing the endurance and patience that is required to find it in an unforgiving world. On his sophomore album “Again! Again!,” Mr. Sam plays freely with this duality and what paths lie between – a shoulder to cry on, a cannonball on a hot summer day, the unknown warmth of a stranger.  

Drawing influence from classic singer-songwriters and New Orleans R&B greats, he has also become a student of his contemporaries through his close collaborations with Dean Johnson, The Sons of Rainier, Sam Doores, Chris Acker, to name a few. Citing them as his biggest influences as a writer, Mr. Sam says “There is no better lesson in writing than to write, but the next best thing is to be there to hear the moment when a song becomes itself.” 

Guided by his sometimes soothing, sometimes raucous baritone, Mr. Sam leads The People People in a lively, electrifying dance hall sound while maintaining an intimacy fit for a long late night drive. Recorded live to tape in the summer of 2023 on the shores of the Puget Sound at Unknown Studios in Anacortes, Washington, Mr. Sam & The People People have crafted an analog concoction of rousing vocal arrangements, bouncing pianos, razor sharp steel guitar, and grooving percussion all in service of the sounds of togetherness.   

“Again! Again!” feels, all in all, akin to a long phone call with an old friend. A conversation where “how are you?” is more than a formality. Devin Champlin, songwriter for The Sons of Rainier and Mr. Sam’s longtime friend and collaborator offers this – 

“On Again! Again! Mr Sam’s inner voice is out for all to hear, and it’s part pregame coach pep-talker, part puppy lover, part late night host, and all delivered with such playful care and loving sincerity, that I’m inclined to believe him. He’s lending us his own kind reminders that we’re OK, we’re going through it, and we’re not alone [...] Sam can turn guilt to kindness, get to know all the strangers, watch the stars and cry, knock on wood, and twirl his tail all he wants, but I don’t believe he’s getting out of this monkey business for one minute.”

Album photography by Kendall Rock | Art direction by Emma Ledgerwood

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“Go Baby Go - Part One”